Highland Perthshire Holiday Homes

Aberfeldy, More than just a pretty place.

There is no doubt that there is something special about this pretty wee town that Highland Perthshire Holiday Homes call home, But it runs deeper than the scenery. In the past few years the people who live here have gone above and beyond to help others.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and with an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty we went into the first lockdown a group of local businesses and volunteers, lead by the Fountain Bar sprung into action to provide aid to the towns most vulnerable. The aim was to deliver free hot meals and generally check in on over 70’s in the town, many of whom lived alone.

home made “Feldy-Roo” cupcakes for Aberfeldy’s most vulnerable

By the time we came out of lockdown “Feldy Roo” had raised enormous amounts of money for the community and 38,808 meals had been delivered to 300 residents of Highland Perthshire. It had also generated enormous amounts of pride and community spirit.

Aberfeldy from above

But this little towns big heart goes far beyond just looking after it’s own. In 2022, 2000 miles from the war in Ukraine, The people of Aberfeldy opened their doors to those being forced from their homes. 30 something families were welcomed into the homes of locals, fundraisers were held for flights, those who could assisted with visas, donated clothes and things like bicycles. The town made an enormous effort and this didn’t go unnoticed because in December 2022, for the first time ever the Scotland’s People Award was given to an entire town… Our town!

We are immensely proud of our home town and it’s people. We hope you will pay us a visit and support all of the fantastic local businesses, we are sure you will get a taste of just how much community spirit there is here.

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