Highland Perthshire Holiday Homes

Welcoming new members to the HPHH family

In September 2021, we were delighted to welcome Jenni Ross to our team as Assistant Manager.  Jenni has been part of our family for a few years now but on 25th June 2022, she married my son Jonathan and is now officially a Penfold!  As you can see, even our family weddings are dog friendly!!

Here is Jenni with her gorgeous Cockerpoo Kenobi.

Jenni Penfold
Jenni and Kenobi

In February 2022, we had another new addition to the office team! A little Cavachon called Teddy.  He and Alfie are best friends.  The way things are going, we will need a bigger office before long!

The office boys. Alfie, Teddy and Kenobi
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